Over the years, I've seen references to different versions of Barbarella. But while there is little hard evidence, some of these photos provide tasty clues...


The only existing alternate scene that I've ever seen was the other title sequence. There are the same shots of Barbarella's zero-gravity striptease, but there were differently animated titles that covered up more of Jane Fonda's nakedness. The US version originally had less nudity but the current DVD now uses the more revealing version.


This lobby card presents a puzzle. Barbarella is in the costume she wears at the start of the story, when leaving Earth's orbit and travelling to Planet 16. But through the main window, is someone standing outside! This looks like an unknown character, in costume, in a specially-built set. This looks too complex to be just a publicity photograph.

An oxygen atmosphere outside the spaceship infers that Alpha 7 is docked. Certainly the film begins rather abruptly, with no idea of where Barbarella has just come from, or why she needs to enter her spaceship drifting in space. I'm guessing this setting is in space and not on Earth. Could this be an alternate start to the film, where she actually meets the Earth President (a different actor), rather than talking to him on the statue-screen? This infers that the film didn't start with the strip tease, but with her getting her orders.

The only other character in this part of the story is a voice on the radio that clears her to leave the solar system. A voice from the 'Base'. My other best guess is that Barbarella docks at a space base (to refuel?) before departing. Perhaps the budget wouldn't stretch to the required modelwork. Or the docking was too rude!


Barbarella with Dildano, played by a young David Hemmings (above), in the memorable hand-to-hand sex scene. So who is this character from the same scene (below)?

These are photos taken when Dildano was played by a different actor. Originally, Italian actor Antonio Sabata (who also starred in Grand Prix) played Dildano, but in an entirely different costume. The other notable difference is that Fonda is naked for the hand-to-hand sex scene.

Here's Dildano presenting Barbarella with the secret key.

Looks like Dildano got more amorous in this version.

A pair of publicity photographs taken during the original shoot.


A scene rumoured to have been left in the international version, but too saucy for America, was a love scene between Barbarella and the Black Queen (Anita Pallenberg). The following photos hint at how the scene may have looked. Despite being seen in various lobby cards, I've not seen confirmation that the scene reached any finished version.

Moat of these shots show the protective bubble that has formed around the bed, placing it in the story after the Mathmos has engulfed them. In the finished film, you can briefly see Barbarella pushing the Queen away from her on Durand Durand's viewscreen.