Rare photos of BARBARELLA from Life magazine

Roger Vadim directing his wife, Jane Fonda, on the set of Barbarella. Behind him, with his back turned, is Milo O'Shea as The Concierge. At the back of the set are the Black Queen's leather guards with their helmets removed!

This rare photograph was taken for Life magazine, who recently dusted off their archives to present an online gallery, including some which had never been published. The only other major photographic articles I've seen from America were in Playboy magazine, and they were obviously sidetracked by the many young actresses in the film.

Thankfully, the gallery is still online, so while we're waiting for any news of the new series, here it is...

Life magazine Barbarella gallery.


Refn still heading BARBARELLA TV series

Kristin Scott-Thomas in Only God Forgives
Nicolas Winding Refn is still talking about Barbarella on his publicity tour for Only God Forgives, the follow up to his surprise hit movie Drive. This is the second time a Barbarella remake has been anywhere near becoming a reality. While I'm disappointed that it's not being developed as a movie, American TV is a more likely arena for the adult content of the original stories.

NerdBastard reported that the writers of the last Bond film Skyfall are working on it. At a recent Q&A session in London, for Only God Forgives, the director said that this was the next project that he'd be concentrating on.

There's a little more information in this Screen Rant article.


BARBARELLA - the TV series?

The hot young director of Drive, Nicolas Winding Refn, currently has his name attached to a slew of projects at the moment, including reboots of Logan's Run and Maniac Cop. How he's going to make so many films and a TV series of Barbarella has yet to be seen.

The De Laurentiis family were trying to get Barbarella remade as a movie before Dino passed away, but are still keen for a new version. The latest news is that it will be a TV series...

More details here on Collider.