Rare behind the scenes footage of BARBARELLA (1968)

This 1968 featurette would have played in cinemas (and maybe television?) to promote the upcoming release of Barbarella in 1968. What's special about it is that most of it was shot on set from a different angle to the movie camera and features unused takes and special effects - specifically some weird spherical drones that attack Pygar and Barbarella in flight. These were replaced by far more angular dual-cockpit Leathermen craft in the final film.

It also shows Jane Fonda at home with her then husband (and Barbarella's director) Roger Vadim.

This featurette has never been included on any home video release, and would make the perfect addition to a special edition version of the film.

Catch it while it's still on YouTube...


  1. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Another very rare behind-the-scenes featurette (focusing on "le mime Marceau"): http://www.forgottensilver.net/2012/12/15/sur-le-tournage-de-barbarella/

    1. Superb! Thank you ever so much. Wonderful shots of The Labyrinth set!