Not much else to say than that at this stage. Paramount Studios have announced a July 3rd, 2012 release date for BARBARELLA (1968) on Blu-ray in the USA. Here's an example in a news release.

No cover art or details of extras, if any. A commentary track from Jane Fonda herself would be the best news.

Any further news about this exciting release will of course be posted here and tweeted on twitter under @Barbarella1968 which I hasten to remind you is an unofficial fan-based account dedicated to the movie.


  1. Anonymous6:06 am

    I'm praying for lots of bonus features! And would love to see outtakes of the original Dildano scene without David Hemings, or some of those "behind the scenes" clips I know are floating around. A friend of mine in Italy has Jane Fonda's original body cast for the film, used to fit her costumes. I'm sure he'd be glad to show it off for a bonus feature! In the meantime, everyone should message Jane Fonda at her Facebook page and beg her to do an audio commentary!

  2. I don't have a Blu-Ray player but I hope there will also be an improved DVD release. Extras would be great but I wonder if any deleted scenes still exist.

  3. Anonymous4:50 am

    Special features and audio commentary would be great but considering the low sales of the dvd (71374), this will probably get the Flight of the Intruder treatment. Like the dvd, he blu-ray is a barebones release.

  4. Anonymous2:03 am

    As this is one of Paramount's Centenary titles, I think they just might do more than a barebones release. However, being Paramount I wouldn't get my hopes up either. Apparently only the domestic market is invited to the birthday party while the rest of the world watches with its nose pressed to the window.