Refn still heading BARBARELLA TV series

Kristin Scott-Thomas in Only God Forgives
Nicolas Winding Refn is still talking about Barbarella on his publicity tour for Only God Forgives, the follow up to his surprise hit movie Drive. This is the second time a Barbarella remake has been anywhere near becoming a reality. While I'm disappointed that it's not being developed as a movie, American TV is a more likely arena for the adult content of the original stories.

NerdBastard reported that the writers of the last Bond film Skyfall are working on it. At a recent Q&A session in London, for Only God Forgives, the director said that this was the next project that he'd be concentrating on.

There's a little more information in this Screen Rant article.


  1. Refn's next movie is NEON DEMON, written by Mary Laws.